KEYNOTE: Project Management Under Complexity

Mikko Kosonen, President, Sitra

Tuesday 30.10.2018

Mikko Kosonen, PhD (Econ), born 1957, has served as President of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, since 2008. Before that he held different leadership positions at Nokia, for example Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Infrastructure. Kosonen is vice chairman of the Aalto University Board and board member of Technology Academy Finland and the Foundation for Economic Education. He was awarded Honorary Professorship of Budapest Business School in 2012. He has published several books and articles on strategic management, most recently Fast Strategy – How Strategic Agility will help you stay ahead of the game (2008) and New Deal at the Top – Harvard Business Review (2007), both with Professor Yves Doz.

• What is complexity and why does it matter?
Our problems are more “wicked” than before and addressing them call for new approaches.

• Leadership challenges in complex environment
We are prisoners of our industrial age mental models. As a result we use wrong “tools” to solve problems

• Project management in complex environment: Solution or problem?

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KEYNOTE: The Paradoxes of Leadership

Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management / SDU, Denmark

Tuesday 30.10.2018

In 2016, Thinkers50, the pre-eminent listing of management thinkers, included Alf Rehn on their Guru Radar, a list of “the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future”. He is recognized as a global thought-leader in innovation and creativity. Alf is 46, the Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark, sits on numerous boards of directors, and is in addition a bestselling author and a strategic advisor for everything from hot new startups to Fortune 500-companies.

Currently, Alf Rehn distributes his time between academic work, corporate advisory and his lifelong love of trashy popular culture. His academic work focuses on issues of power, exclusion, creativity and innovation, and often builds on counter-intuitive analyses of core assumptions within management thinking. As a strategic advisor, Alf’s roles have included (but haven’t been limited to) being the chairman of an international advertising agency, sitting on the board of directors of a billion-dollar corporation, and advising an artisanal and prize-winning distillery.

• The role of leadership in a swiftly changing (project) economy
• Thinking leadership beyond simplistic models – from either/or to both/and
• Innovating (project) management – what does it take and do we need it?

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KEYNOTE: Lessons learned: Telia Company’s Business Expansion Project

Jyri Wesanko, Group Ethics and Compliance Officer, Telia Company

Wednesday 31.10.2018

Jyri Wesanko has more than 15 years of experience of building and maintaining corporate compliance, ethics and risk management programs.  His special focus areas include effectiveness of corporate compliance and risk management programs and also how to optimize their value to business and project management. Before joining Telia Company he held various compliance and risk management manager and leader positions in the financial sector and worked also as a contract manager and project manager at Elisa Plc.

Telia Company expanded its presence in Eurasia about 10 years ago. In connection with this expansion project Telia Company violated anti-corruption provisions. After a long-running investigation the company pleaded guilty and agreed to pay 1 billion USD of penalties to settle the case with the authorities. This presentation focuses on lessons learned from this expansion project and the business case for responsible business.

Raji Sivaraman, M.S., Principal – Pracademic

Wednesday 31.10.2018

Raji Sivaraman, M. S, PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP Principal of ASBA LLC, a Singapore citizen, helps USA/Singapore companies with strategic planning/overseas startups. Speaks several languages. Worked in Singapore, Thailand, India and the USA. Helps fortune 50/500 companies with CSR/BSR/Mobility projects. Consultant, Director, Strategic Advisor and an Advisory Board member for non-profit organizations. Worked in IT, publishing, financial, standards and logistics industries as a lead project manager and implementation manager. Adjunct Professor at Montclair University, USA. Researcher, Author, Contributor to Project Management books, published articles, research and white papers internationally. Global facilitator, keynote speaker, Discussant/Academic chair/Moderator CXO Forum and a panelist. An Agile practitioner with a Master of Science Degree in Project Management. Held leadership positions with the PMI at the chapter/global level and conducts workshops around the world. In a nutshell, a Pracademic. 2013 Women leaders of Singapore.

– Practical insights into Team dynamics
– Practical ideas for the development of creativity in projects with a managerial outlook
– Alternative perspectives of the management of risk
– An understanding of cultures of knowledge-transfer and sharing as a key part of leadership skills
– Useful and productive methods for thinking about projects in musical ways